With each days passing by, it is getting colder and colder. Temperature is expected to drop to 1-degree Celsius or less in coming days. The lowest being recorded at – 9.2-degree Celcius in Jan 2013. It cannot be said if the temperature will surpass the previous record of – 9.2-degree Celsius in the coming days.


Obviously warm clothes is a must in winter. warm clothes give warmth to the body we need. But is it enough?
we still feel cold inside despite wearing warm clothes and no matter how thick blankets we hide ourselves in during winter.
The temperature running to 1-degree Celcius at night and early morning and sleeping inside the thick blankets and still feel cold, the Electric heater can be the best option. it not only makes you warm but makes your room the best place to live in keeping every dimension of your room warmer.


1. Baltra Climate Quartz Heater.

2.Baltra BTH 117 Pride Quartz Heater – Grey

3. Baltra Quartz Heater explode

4.Baltra BAC 202 Lambert Heater/Air Cooler

6.Homeglory electric gas and quartz heater HG-006B


Our Top Picks on the electric heater is on sale now. Buy at a cheaper price before its gone.


1.Baltra Climate Quartz Electric Heater Model No BTH-116:


Made With the trendy design, Baltra Climate Quartz Electric Heater is one of the most durable electric heater out there in the market.
Though The outer body made of plastic, it is sturdy and durable. The heating element is made of quartz which makes it highly reflective, efficient and long-lasting. It comes in two heat settings 400W and 800W, 800W being the maximum power consumption. You don’t need to worry about the overheat with Baltra climate quartz electric heater because it comes with overheat safety.
To make the user more convenient it is provided with noiseless operation.


Brand: Baltra

Model Name: Climate

Model Number: BTH 116

Heating Element: Quartz

Body Material: Plastic, Metal

Colour: White

Number of heat settings: 2

Heat settings: 400W, 800W

Mounting Features: Table Top

Switch Type: Rotary

Other Body and Design Features: Trendy and durable

Power Requirement: 230-240 V

Maximum Power Consumption: 800W

Safety Features: Overheat Safety

Overheat Protection: Yes

Warranty: 1 year warranty

2.Baltra BTH 117 Pride Quartz Heater – Grey

If you want a lightweight electric heater with trendy looks, Baltra Pride Quartz electric heater can be the best option for you.

The Baltra pride Quartz heater is made with high-temperature resistant plastic housing which is very durable.

It has the power of 800 watts and the operating voltage is 230 volts.


Model Name: PRIDE
Model No : BTH-117


2 Heating Levels 400/800W, Safety Tip Over Switch, Cool Touch Cabinet, High-Temperature Resistance Housing.

Rating Label 230V-50Hz, 800W (ISI certified)

3. Baltra Quartz Heater explode

If you are looking for an electric heater which works efficiently and looks beautiful then Baltra quartz heater explode can be the best choice for you. The oval shape reflects the shape of an egg and because it is built it high-temperature resistant housing, durability and compactness is never really a problem. Other than that it has two heating levels and a cool touch cabinet.


Product Name : Quartz Heater
Model Name: EXPLODE
Model No: BTH-102


2 Heating Levels, Safety Tip Over Switch, Cool Touch Cabinet, High Temperature Resistance Housing.

Rating Label 220V- 50 Hz, 800W, Certified

4.Baltra BAC 202 Lambert Heater/Air Cooler

If you can’t afford to buy wall Ac which is very expensive, Baltra BAC 202 Lambert Heater/Air Cooler is just what you need.

It serves the dual purpose of both heater and Ac and can be perfect for both winter and summer.

Specifications and details:

-remote control
-3 speeds & 7.5 hours timer
-Horizontal & vertical swing
-Honeycomb filter
-Removable water tank
-caster wheel for easy movement
-Hot & Cold Function
-purify the air
-included ice pad
-10 liter water tank
-1000w – 2000w temperature for heater

5.Homeglory electric gas and quartz heater HG-006B

Homeglory is a trusted brand in Nepal which sells genuine and authentic products.

Home Glory HG-006B Room Gas and Quartz Heater is the gas and electric room heater with the Piezo spark ignition suitable for LPG. It has also built in ODS & FFD. The home glory gas heater consists of a ceramic infrared burner with an economical heating method. HG-006B Room Gas and Quartz Heater have the ceramic infrared burner. It comes with three power setting of 1. 55KW, 2. 90Kw and 4. 2Kw.

specifications and details:

Brand: Home Glory
Model: HG 006B
Can Operate By LPG GAS/Electric
With 3 Ceramic Heating Burners
With 3 Tubes For Electric Power Heating
Maximum Power 4200 Watts ( LPG )
Maximum Power 1500 Watts ( Electric )
Three Heat Setting
Piezoelectric Ignition
Easily Movable With Castor Wheels
ODS Protection
100% Safety Shot-Off Control
Tilt Protection
Electric Consumption: 500/1000/1500W
Warranty: 1 year


What do you think of these heater? Aren’t they very useful for this winter ? Comment which one you like.




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