Top 5 Incredibly Popular Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Top 5 Incredibly Popular Kitchen Appliances and Accessories
When it comes about any event or festivals, it is about feast and variety of the dishes we prepare. Thus, making your work in the kitchen more efficient and easy, RaraMart presents the most popular kitchen appliances and accessories which are very popular in the market. We will deliver these appliances wherever you want. These kitchen accessories will help you save your time.

RaraMart now presents the 5 incredibly popular Kitchen Appliances and Accessories at a discounted price that make your kitchen more easy and efficient. Have a look:

  1. Mixer Grinders

Mixer Grinders

Mixer Grinders are always of greater use in Kitchen. Either it comes up to mixing the milk, coffee, egg or making juices from fruits. It’s so easy to make everything ready in just a little time. If you are looking for the mixture grinders for your kitchen whichever brand you wish for. The Grinders of the brand Panasonic, Baltra, USHA, and Homeglory are available. Here are the choices RaraMart offers:

Gater Manual Coffee Ceramic Burr Grinder        Rs 2,500                Buy Now

JML French Press 600 ml                                     Rs 900                   Buy Now

Homeglory speedy mixer commercial                 Rs 12,960               Buy Now

Homeglory Dyna mixer 3 jars HG                         Rs 4,380                 Buy Now

Homeglory Casto mixer 3 jars HG                        Rs 5,040                 Buy Now

Baltra MICRO (BMG-115) Mixer                       Rs 3,299                 Buy Now

Baltra BMG 123 Future Mixer                            Rs 4,935                 Buy Now

Electronic Milk, Coffee and Egg mixer               Rs 249                    Buy Now

Panasonic SUPER MIXER GRINDER              Rs 9,108                 Buy Now

USHA Imprezza MG 3576 (750W)                     Rs 8,390                 Buy Now

Click here to know more about the varieties of the mixture grinders available in RaraMart.

2. Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers


Safe water is the primary need for everyone in today’s world. Why not welcome a water purifier and make your entire family healthy? The following are the water purifiers at the reasonable price:

Water pump for Jar                                  Rs 499                                            Buy Now

Baltra BWP-20 Hydra (16 liters)             Rs 2,080                                         Buy Now

Homeglory water purifier HG- WF1001 Rs 2,500                                         Buy Now

Baltra BAP Perfect Electric Airport 3 liters Rs 4,113                                    Buy Now

3. Rice cooker

Rice cooker

RaraMart also presents the electric rice cookers for your kitchen.

Homeglory electric rice cooker pearl HG-RC108           Rs 2,700               Buy Now

Homeglory electric rice cooker deluxe HG-RC208D     Rs 2,700                 Buy Now

IDEA 2.2 Liters Rice Cooker                                        Rs 1,870                  Buy Now

IDEA 1.8 Liters Rice Cooker                                      Rs 1,870                    Buy Now

Know more about the rice cookers here.

4. Oven


Ovens are nowadays so popular among the people. Here are the electric ovens to make your cooking easier and faster:

Homeglory electric oven HG- TO22L                       Rs 10,200                    Buy Now

Onida 20 liters microwave oven Power grill              Rs 26,396                    Buy Now

Samsung 23 liters Grill Auto Cook                            Rs 17,091                    Buy Now

IFB Microwave Oven (Rotto Grill)                            Rs 27,965                    Buy Now

IFB Microwave Oven (SOLO)                                   Rs 10,965                    Buy Now

LG 32 Liters Convection Microwave Oven               Rs 27,277                    Buy Now

LG 21 Liters connection microwave oven                 Rs 21,327                    Buy Now

Click here for the more detailed information on ovens.

5. Fridge


Fridges are always important for the storage of foods and drinks in your home. Here are the good qualities refrigerators for you:

Videocon VAB163 150 single door refrigerator       Rs 15,375                    Buy Now

Sansui SHE183DS5 170 Liters Silky Grey                Rs 18,189                    Buy Now

Whirlpool 200 Genius CLS Solid color Single door fridge Rs 20,035          Buy Now

Rowa 196 liters Refrigerator Silver flowery Theme              Rs 22,500       Buy Now

LG 190 Liters Single Door Refrigerator                                Rs 26,172        Buy Now

Samsung 192 liters Star Flower Blue                                     Rs 27,136        Buy Now

LG 422 Liters Double Doors Refrigerator                             Rs 69,352        Buy Now

Click here for more varieties of the fridges.


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