Products Available under Rs 2,000

Products Available under Rs 2,000 in RaraMart

RaraMart is an emerging online shopping platform. We are determined to serve you with the best products at a reasonable price. Now, here are some of the items we are offers you can grab for less than Rs 2,000.

Here are the products under different categories we offer:

  1. Men:

We have a wide variety of products for men under Rs 2,000:

  1. Sunglasses: Gentle monster stylish shiny blue sunglasses for Rs 1,000 and Black for Rs 900. We also have attractive Ray-Ban sunglasses, transparent and black for Rs 1000 and many more.
  2. Formal Shirts: Men’s formal check shirt in different colors.
  3. Formal shirt blue: Rs 1,875
  4. Formal shirt purple/white: Rs 1,850
  • Formal shirt blue/white: Rs 1,850
  1. Jeans: Different stylish jeans in a discounted price under Rs 2000. Wash and fit jeans only at Rs 1400.
  2. Tracks and trousers:
  3. The North Face Men’s Sky blue/Navy blue Track only at Rs 1,150.
  4.                         Black jogger trouser: Rs 999
  5. Bags and Wallets: Laptop bags. Backpacks and college/school bags ranging between Rs 500-Rs 2000. Leather wallets are available at Rs 725
  6. Ethnic wear: Maroon, white and black kurta for men in Rs 1,050.
  7. Socks and Shoes: Gentleman socks Rs 450 and Premium full socks Rs 750 and Gold star shoes starting from Rs 595



  1. Women: Women have a wide preference on every item. Ranging from makeup, dresses to any accessories, RaraMart serves with a variety of these products to satisfy the customers.
    1. Shoes and Footwear:
      1. Socks: Ladies half socks in different colors in Rs 225
      2. Adidas shoes (orange/purple): Rs 1,500
  • Heels for women in less than Rs 2000
  1. Sari and Kurtis: Beautiful Saris and Kurtis below Rs 2,000 are available. Cotton Kurti with printed Patiala set at Rs 1,490.
  2. Watches: Women watches starting from Rs 945
  3. Swimsuits: Women swimsuits at Rs 1,046
  4. Women accessories: Raincoats, earrings, sunglasses, umbrella, handbags, shoulder bags, Couple necklace, Gloves, laptop bags.


  1. Baby clothes: RaraMart offers a variety of clothing for the kids in a discounted price. Shirts and T-Shirts: Rs 900
    1. Shirt with a bow: Rs 900
    2. Hoodies: Rs 900
  • Suit set: Rs 1,700
  1. Motu Patlu and Minions Kids School bag: Rs 480
  1. Health and Beauty: Various beauty products to enhance your beauty in a lower price.
  2. Celebrity makeup remover (1750) and make up the base formula(1450)
  3. Kemei Rechargeable Lady Epilator (Rs 999)
  • BB moisturizing cream 20 gm (Rs 1450)
  1. A cleansing foam with vitamin E (Rs 1750)
  2. Professional Rechargeable hair trimmer (Rs 649)


  1. Electronics: Wireless Portable Bluetooth speakers, LED emergency light (Rs 300), OTG Adapter, Headphones, Mobile fan, Lazy Stand, Carphone holder (360°) all available under Rs 2000.
  2. Home and Appliances:   Stainless steel Bathroom cleaning brush (Rs 1000)
  3. Clocks starting from Rs 270

iii. Indoor mini 4-blade cooling ceiling fan (Rs 750)

  1. Sports and Fitness:
  2. Cycle helmet (Rs 2,000)
  3. Tommy trimmer single spring (Rs 1,499)
  4. High-quality Jersey
  1. Video games and Toys:
  2. STACK and EXPLORE (Rs 980)
  3. My first Ladybug (Rs 590)
  • Barbie happy birthday doll (Rs 1800)
  1. BASIC FIG ASS (Rs 1340)
  2. Groceries: You need not worry about any grocery items required in your houses. RaraMart is here to serve you with every item you need in your daily life. You are just one click away from the facility we are providing. Items like Daal, Gundruk, and any others will reach your doors on your one click.
  3. Home Appliances:
  4. Portable mini Fan cooling Air Conditioner (Rs 599)
  5. Mini Clip Electric Fan (Rs 950)
  • Dust Pan and Stiff Brush Set (Rs 240)
  1. Reusable Latex Kitchen Hand Gloves (Rs 349)
  2. Fruit and vegetable juicer (Rs 1000)


  1. Books and Media: Buying book is an easy approach. Test preparation books, musical instruments, and gaming products are available according to your wishes.


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