Rakhi Gifts for Brother And Sister

Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima falls on the month of Shrawan or Bhadra on Shrawan Purnima. This year it will be celebrated on Bhadra 10, 2075. This festival is called Rakshya Bandhan and is regarded as the festival of purity and security. Mainly the Hindu Brahmins and Chhetries change their Janai once a year in this day and the other tie a colorful sacred thread around their wrist.

The Janai is a cotton thread which is given only to the males after a ceremony named Barthabandha. The Janai initiates a boy towards manhood and bound them to follow the path of the religion. Janai is the symbol of the body, speech and the spirit and when the knot of the thread is tied, then it is said that he has control over all of them. This sacred thread is changed one a year on the Janai Purnima.

The people wearing the Janai take a bath on the holy rivers, clean themselves and change their thread and break the previous one. They fast until they change their thread and garlic and onion are avoided.

Rakshya Bandhan

The Rakshya Bandhan Doro is a thread that is tied around the wrist as a symbol of protection. There is a tradition of tying this thread on the left hand of the females and the right hand of the males. The Rakshya Bandhan Doro is taken out only in the day of Laxmi Puja during Deepawali. The thread is then taken out and tied on the tail of the cow. People believe that tying the thread on the tail of the cow will help us to cover the Baitarni River to reach heaven after death. The religious places like temples are crowed by a huge crowd of the devotee to tie the thread in their wrist.

The Rakhi Day

Another name for the festival is The Rakhi Day. The markets are filled with colorful and differently designed Rahis. The sisters tie the Rakhi around the wrist of their brothers. The brothers offer some presents to their sisters and commit to protecting them for a lifetime. This festival is also equivalent to Tihar or Bhai Tika to some communities.

Kwati Purnima or Gunhi Purnima

Janai Purnima is celebrated as Kwati or Gunhi Purnima mostly among the Newar communities. Kwati is a soup of combination of nine different types of cereals. The beans are left soaked in water before 4 to 5 days let the roots grow, and the soup is made out of it. Also, the Newari people offer food to the frogs. The frogs are believed to be an agent of god for rainfall. Thus the farmers regard them as an important agent for their agricultural production.

What RaraMart offers you for the festival?

Worrying about what to gift your sister or brother in the occasion of Janai Purnima? RaraMart is always ready to serve you in any occasion. We value the traditions of our community and thus offer you various things you are looking for the festival. We offer you with a variety of things on occasion:

  1. Rakhi:

RaraMart presents variously designed and colored Rakhis for the auspicious occasion of Rakshya Bandhan. Different rakhis are available keeping in mind the interest of the kids to the adults.

  1. Sweets, Chocolates, and Cakes:

What could be better than sharing something sweet to celebrate any occasion? We prepare different flavored cakes according to your wish. We also have a variety of sweets and chocolates to please your siblings.

  1. Printed Mugs:

We also make the cups printed with some good wishes or your pictures printed on the surface. The printed mugs will be a great gift that will make a memory last forever.

  1. Kwati materials:

RaraMart presents you with Kwati to add little more taste in your festival. We have a combination of the different cereals mixed and packed together in our grocery to prepare Kwati.

  1. Ladies sandals, watches, and perfumes:

We have ladies sandals, watches, and perfumes in a reasonable

price that are very popular gift items. Grab one and fix a smile on your sister’s face.

  1. Greeting cards and Teddy Bears:


Nothing makes a girl happier than a teddy bear

a small card that conveys good wishes. Teddy bears holding greeting cards would be a great gift to your sister on the occasion of Rakshya Bandhan. Visit us for different sized teddy bears and beautiful greeting cards.

  1. Sunglasses:


Sunglasses are really among the coolest things to gift to anyone for any occasion. RaraMart serves with you with a lot of attractive sunglasses with black glass in a reasonable price.



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