About Us

Raramart is an e-commerce business which provides a platform for buyers and sellers in Nepal. This company is a venture in Nepalese e-commerce market founded by Nepali entrepreneurs from Japan and Renowned business experts in Nepal. Raramart is dedicated company to offer quality service assuring low price policy. As a company, Raramart is committed to providing hassle-free and fear free service and does not tolerate any forms of frauds in its business chain.

The blog will provide information about our company and the product and services that Raramart sells through its website. There are several categories of merchandise that Raramart sells such as men’s clothing, women’s Clothing, Home Appliances, Beauty and Health accessories. Beside this Raramart also sells all kinds of electronic and electronic accessories, Books, Sport and Fitness Equipment. Raramart also has kids section where you can purchase kids clothing, toys for kids, baby care products and many more. It won’t be biased to say that we will have best quality products and items on our site.

We will keep informed and updated our valued customers about the new release and new arrivals on any garments or electronic items through our blogs. Our blog will not be limited to process and procedures for using Beauty and Health products, their benefits and limitations. Depending on your interests and preferences you can follow different categories on this blog.  In other words, we can say that blog will narrate you to make decisions whether to purchase or not to purchase the products or items depending on your importance and desire. Our Customer service is happy to assist you anytime through social media, website, and blog itself. You can find additional information about shipping and delivery if you want to order a product in any parts of the country

You can also contact us directly if you have any further queries about the merchandise here or you can leave your comment on the blog.