Teej: The Festival dedicated to Nepali Women

Teej: The Festival dedicated to Nepali Women

About Teej

teej festival in nepal

Nepal is rich in culture and tradition. And, along with the richness come a long list of joyous festivals. The festivals of Nepal holds a different essence from the victory of good over evil to the thankfulness to the dogs for their ultimate loyalty and friendship. The festivals in Nepal like nothing like others, they are might sound little different, but the meaning it holds and the joy it spread it truly magical.

This festival is for the women and is dedicated to them. And, women dedicated this festival for her husband and family by keeping 24 hours fast along with a lot of celebration. For the whole year, they take care of their husband, children, and family, and this particular day is their day when they enjoy their time with friends by eating delicious food, singing, and dancing. Nepal is a male-dominated society, but during this festival, women rule the day in by celebrating Teej.

How is Teej celebrated?

This three-day festival holds a very significant meaning for Nepali women. It is a day when women fasts and worships their husband for their long life and happy relationship between them in this life and all the lives to come.

The first day of Teej is called Dar Khane Din (feast day). This day women assemble in one particular friend in their best attire, they sing and dance in Teej songs and eat several varieties of delicious foods: this goes on till the midnight after which the 24-hour fast starts.

The next day is the day of fasting. Forget about the food; they don’t even drink a drop of water. Married women keep fast for long life, peace, and prosperity of their husband and family, while unmarried women keep this fast in the hope of getting a good husband, to be precise like “Lord Shiva.” They visit nearby temples, offer their prayers and sing and dance for the whole day.

The third or the last day of this festival is Rishi Panchami. Women pay homage to the seven sages or saints after the completion of previous day puja. They offer their prayers and bathe with red mud found on the roots of the sacred datiwan bush along with its leaves. It is the final ritual of Teej and is considered an act of purification after which women discharge themselves from all their sins.

Why is Teej celebrated?

During the time of Gods, a mountain king named Himavan had a daughter, Parvati. The King was a great devotee of Lord Vishu and wanted her daughter to marry him. However, Parvati deeply admired Lord Shiva. Upon the force of her father on marrying Vishu, Parvati fled from the palace.

Hearing this Lord Shiva made a mind to test her. He disguised himself as Vishu and made a proposal to Parvati, and then too, Parvati made a denial. Impressed by her devotion toward himself, Lord Shiva married her. And since then, Teej is celebrated as a symbol of the unification of Shiva and Parvati.

When and where is Teej celebrated?

Teej is celebrated on the third day of Bhadra Sukala Paksha as per the Nepali lunar calendar. The festival generally falls in late August or early September. This festival also marks as the arrival of monsoon season. This year, Teej is on September 12.

During Teej, women keep Nirjala Fasting, fasting without even drinking a drop in water. They wear their best attire, usually red sari and gets ready in the best look. They visit nearby temples. However, the Pashupatinath temple gets the most number of devotes. Women circumambulate the Shiva Linga, which is the symbol of Lord Shiva, they offer their praying with flowers, fruit, sweet and coins to Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati, asking them to grant their blessing upon the husband and family. While in puja, the most important part is the oil lamp which should be alight through the night. It is in believing that the light of an oil lamp all night will bring peace and prosperity to the family.

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