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This Father’s Day with RaraMart

A happy day to all the fathers; Father’s Day is coming soon. The day is special not only for the fathers but also for the children as they express their love and gratitude towards their superhero, their father. Kushe Aausi is the Fathers day festival and also known as Gokarna Aausi. This year the special day falls on Bhadra 24th 2075 (9th September 2018).

On Father’s Day, the one who has lost their father, remember their fathers by giving the Sida Daan to Pandit. Some men in Kathmandu go to Gokarna to perform Shraddha or Pinda Daan to their passed fathers. Others try their best to make their father feel special and make him happy.

RaraMart is always ready to make your every occasion special. Everything you need, from chocolates to make your fathers mouth water, beautiful clothes or any gazettes your father would love to receive. We have here to make them available at your doors. After all, it comes once in a year, and you are responsible for his smile in this day. RaraMart offers various materials that express your gratitude towards the greatness of your father. Have a look at these things:

  1. Cakes and Greeting Cards:

Cakes add sweet in every celebration. We prepare different style cakes in your dad’s favorite flavor. A slice of cake shows how much sweetness is in your life because of his presence.

Similarly, cards with a beautiful message to your dad are available. Cards are the easiest way of conveying your feelings. You can write your message for how much you love him and how much he matters to you.

  1. Watches:

Watches are the best gift you can give to your father. If your dad is fond of watches, we offer a variety of watches at a discounted price. We also have couple watches if you want to surprise your dad by twinning with him wearing the same watch. Have a look at the products:

  1. Supa Couple Watch: Supa couple watch in Black and Golden color at Rs 1,000. A single piece is also available.

  2. Supa chronograph stainless watch for men: Supa chronograph stainless watch with Navy and Black dial at Rs 3,000.

  3. Smart watches: Smart Bluetooth watch, D3 mobile watch, and others are available in our store starting from Rs 1,249.


  1. Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are something that can be a good gift to anyone for any occasion. Make your dad look cool with the sunglasses in our stores.

  1. Ray ban sunglasses: We have different glasses according to your preference. The transparent glass (Rs 1000), color changeable glasses (Rs 1300), Brown transparent glasses (Rs 1200), glasses with a metal frame (Rs 1300), and bold frame (Rs 1200) that will make your dad look more stylish.

  2. Other brand glasses like Gentle monster glass (Rs 900), GUCCI glasses (Rs 1300), Xiaomi Polarized light glass in Grey (Rs 5499) and Golden (Rs 6399) are also available.

  1. Wallets:

You will get various choices on wallets. Since, the wallet is an important thing your dad carry, this father’s day gift him with a beautiful wallet;

  1. Card Holders: Environment Protection card holder for men are now available in different colors (red, blue, orange, black, yellow and many others) in just Rs 425.

  2. Wallets: Black leather Bi-fold wallets (Rs 965), Eagle textured wallets (Rs 875), Snap buttoned wallet (Rs 1325), Tri-fold wallet (Rs 1350) are available.


  1. Formal shirts:

Shirts will always make our dads happy whether it is a birthday or a father’s day. Shop shirt with RaraMart for your dad this Father’s day:

  1. Men’s Formal Check shirt liner white: Rs 1650

  2. Men’s Formal Check shirt purple and white: Rs 1850

  3. Men’s Formal Check shirt blue and white: Rs 1850

  4. Men’s Formal Check shirt blue: Rs 1875

  5. Men’s Formal Check shirt light blue: Rs 1875


  1. Phone Accessories:

If your dad is very fond of mobile phones and the related items about mobiles, there are various items you can look for to gift him:

  1. Mobile covers: For someone who loves his phone will always love phone cover. Phone covers for Samsung, One plus, Oppo and other brands are available.

  2. Earphones, headphones, portable speakers and Bluetooth earbuds: The headphones and wireless Bluetooth earbuds are perfect gifts for the music loving dads. Earbuds (Rs 499), portable speakers (starting from Rs 499), earphone and headphones are available in RaraMart.

Shoes reflect personality. There is no person who won’t be happy if they are gifted with shoes. Gift your dad with the classy formal shoes this Father’s day.

  1. Brown slip on synthetic Leather: Rs 1700

  2. Tasseled leather Slip-on Loafers Brown shoes: Rs 3400

  3. Zara Man 2161: Rs 6350


Choose the best gift for your dad and RaraMart is always there to make you feel convenient. You do not need to step out from your home and will get whatever you need in your doors.

Happy Father’s Day‼ Happy Shopping‼


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