Top five incredibly popular mobile accessories in Nepal

Nepal has experienced a tremendous growth in the market of smartphones in the last few years. Mobile phones are now so popular that you will rarely find an individual without one of them. The expansion in the area is leading towards the arrival of different brands of the mobiles and the accessories in Nepal some of which are being excessively popular. Here are the Top five incredibly popular mobile accessories in Nepal;

  1. Samsung

    samsung mobile price in nepal

Samsung is a leading brand in mobile accessories in the world and it is expanding the market in Nepal too. There are numerous models of the Samsung phones in the market with many different features and qualities. Some of the most popular models of the Samsung smartphone and tablets are:

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 – Rs 26,900 (Buy Now)

Samsung Galaxy J6 (3GB RAM/32 GB ROM) – Rs 23,800 (Buy Now)

Samsung Galaxy J6 (4GB RAM/64 GB ROM) – Rs 28,000 (Buy Now)

Samsung Galaxy S9 (4GB RAM/64 GB ROM) Blue – RS 84,384 (Buy Now)

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (6GB RAM/128 GB ROM) – Rs 100,800 (Buy Now)

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Smartphone – Rs 17,900 (Buy Now)

Samsung T116NU Tab-3V (1GB RAM/8 GB ROM0 – Rs 13,344 (Buy Now)

Samsung Tab E 9.6″ – 23,030 (Buy Now)

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  1. HTC


HTC mobile price in nepal

HTC is another popular brand which has now become an established brand in the world.  RaraMart offers with the products of the HTC for our customers at a reduced price in this festive season.

HTC 825 Desire Sparkle White 2PUK100 – Rs 13,000 (Buy Now)

HTC Mobile 626 G + Desire Blue Lagoon- OPM1100 – Rs 7,499 (Buy Now)

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  1. Oppo


Oppo mobile price in nepal

The Oppo Smartphone is now very common in Nepal. The maximum numbers of people own the Oppo mobile sets. Other accessories like MP3, portable media players are also popular. Here RaraMart presents the Oppo Smartphone at a reasonable price to its customers.

Oppo F9 Red and Blue (4/64GB) – Rs 39,510       (Buy Now)

Oppo F7 (4/64GB) Black and Silver – Rs 34,760   (Buy Now)

Oppo F5 (4/32GB) Gold – Rs 32,290 (Buy Now)

Oppo A38 (3/32GB) Gold – Rs 21, 365 (Buy Now)

Oppo F7 Pro – Rs 44,260 (Buy Now)

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  1. Huawei


Huawei mobile price in nepal

Huawei is also rapidly growing its business in Nepali market since few years.  The mobiles phones are affordable with good features one looks into a phone.

Huawei Nova 3 (Black and Iris purple) – Rs 58, 702

Huawei Nova 3i (Black and Iris purple) – Rs 38, 122

Huawei Y7 (2 GB RAM/ 16 GB ROM) 5.2″ – Rs 14,866 (Buy Now)

Huawei Y3 (1 GB RAM/ 8 GB ROM) – Rs 10,191 (Buy Now)

Huawei Y3 II – 7,999 (Buy Now)

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  1. Apple


iphone price in nepal

The world-renowned Apple products are not new in Nepal nowadays. We can see many people with the accessories of the Apple today in Nepal. RaraMart also offers the customers with the variety of the Apple products with six-month warranty in most of the products.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (64 GB Grey) – Rs 44,880 (Buy Now)

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (16 GB Silver) – Rs 40,000 (Buy Now)

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (64 GB Silver) – Rs 36, 500 (Buy Now)

Apple iPhone 6 (16 GB Grey) – Rs 32,000 (Buy Now)

Apple iPhone 6 (16 GB Gold) – Rs 32,000 (Buy Now)

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Thus RaraMart is offering the customers with the accessories popular in Nepal at a discounted price and with ease. If you are looking for these accessories, you are just a single click away.


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